Langsmith Editor

Langsmith editor aims to assists inexperienced, non-native researchers to write English papers, especially in the natural language processing field. Our system can suggest fluent, academic-style sentences to writers based on their rough, incomplete drafts.

(Although the engine is not designed to copy existing papers, it might produce texts that are similar to existing papers. We strongly recommend the use of plagiarism checkers.)

This system is accepted by EMNLP 2020 system demonstrations track (Demo System: )


Select a text span to get revisions.


  • The system intensively revises the selected span.

  • If a sentence contains placeholders "()", the system replaces them with appropriate expressions regarding their surrounding context.


  • The revision candidates are ordered from top to bottom in the order where the system considers them more natural.

  • If the selected sentence is already sufficiently fluent, no rewriting occurs and the 👍 symbol is displayed.

  • The revisions are highlighted in colors (green: inserted, red: deleted), which makes it easier to distinguish the characteristics of each revision.

※ Please select a span within one sentence.


Press TAB to generate the rest of the text.


  • If you press TAB in the middle of a text, the text before that point is considered.

  • The order of the candidates does not mean anything.

  • The completion can be conditioned by title. Please enter a title in the top text box (e.g., "Generating Fluent...").

  • The completion can be conditioned by section name. Please enter "* SECTION_NAME " at the first line of the paragraph (e.g.,"* abstract").

The system works even when there is no titles or section names.


Detects spelling errors and shows candidates for correction.
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