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Plans for Langsmith

There are four plans available: Guest, Free, Premium, and Enterprise Plan. When you use the Langsmith Editor for the first time, you become a Guest user, and when you sign in, you become a Free user.

We also offer a Premium plan that allows you to use more features.

Google Drive integration function will not be available after 3/28/2023

Guest Plan

The first time you use the Langsmith Editor, you become a Guest user.

  • Free
  • Rewrite (only for Computer Science)
  • Completion (only for Computer Science)
  • Error correction

Free Plan

Sign in to use the Free plan.

  • Free
  • Rewrite (only for Computer Science)
  • Completion (only for Computer Science)
  • Error correction
  • Example search
  • Google Drive integration
Users can serve the one-week free trial when first creating the account. During the free trial, users can use all the features available in the Premium plan except that the input texts are saved on our server.

Premium Plan

By subscribing to the Premium Plan, you can benefit from the following features in addition to the Free Plan.

  • Fee Type
    • Monthly Plan:1,800 yen / month
    • Quarterly Plan:1,400 yen / month
    • Annual Plan:1,000 yen / month
  • Engine for all domain
  • Text comparison
  • Reduce the waiting time
  • High confidentiality and security (input texts are not saved on our server)


🔜 Enterprise Plan

Currently, the Enterprise Plan is available only to companies and organizations in Japan.


Upgrading can be done from the Account Settings page.

The contract will be automatically renewed unless canceled.

Downgrade (How to cancel the Premium Plan)

Langsmith works with the Stripe payment service. To manage your payments, go to Account settings from Help.

From Account settings, press [Change plan/payment method] to page to Stripe payment page, and press [Cancel plan] on Stripe payment page to cancel the Premium Plan.

Continued billing and plan changes for Premium Plan

Unless the user cancels the Premium Plan, the contract will be automatically renewed. If the user cancels the Premium Plan within the contract period, the contract will continue for the already billed subscription and be canceled at the end of the contract period. For example, if you sign up for a one-month plan and cancel the contract before the end of the contract period, you will continue using the Premium Plan features for one month.

Please note that it is impossible to change the price plan (1 month, 3 months, or 1 year) during the subscription period. If you want to change the plan, please cancel the continuous billing (downgrade) and sign up for another plan after the subscription period.

Please check the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy carefully.


Are there any refunds?

We do not offer refunds.

What happens if I downgrade in the middle of my Premium Plan contract?

You can use the Premium Plan until the end of the contract period. No refunds are available.

Can I change my fee type (1 month, 3 months, or 1 year)?

It is not possible to change your subscription during the subscription period. Please cancel the continuous billing (downgrade) and sign up again with a different fee type after the contract period is over.

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